Francelia R. and family

Montecito Success Story:

Francelia R.

My name is Francelia R. I am the oldest of 5 girls. My mom was 9 months pregnant with my youngest sister. We were so happy for the arrival of the new baby. My dad was excited to have his 5th little girl. On May 19th 2018, he was assaulted. He was found in a parking lot at midnight in a state of shock. One week later my mom gave birth, while my dad was in a coma. He had traumatic injuries all around his brain and had to go through a life threatening surgery. The doctors didn’t know if he would survive the surgery or even know if he would ever come out of the coma. He woke from his coma one month after surgery, but he wasn’t able to talk, walk, eat or even remember us. It was hard to see my dad like this. It was hard to know that he didn’t remember his own family. It scared me to think that my dad wouldn’t be able to walk anymore or do any of the things he enjoyed in the past. We were told that my dad needed rehab. We brought my dad to Montecito, which was the best decision we could have made. Right away they began helping my dad by giving him speech, physical, occupational and respiratory therapy. Little by little he began to do more and more every day. He started sitting up on his own, began taking his first steps, talking and even began gaining his memory back. He was put through numerous exercises and activities, but was never left alone. He had someone by his side at all times giving him motivation. My dad recovered so fast that our friends and family couldn’t believe it. Even we were amazed, but happy to see what a strong person my dad was. Seeing him do so well after such a traumatic accident. Seeing him smiling and walking after doctors told us he wouldn’t make it. We were different people before Montecito, but they helped us stay strong. There was a smile on their face every single day, always showing positivity. They made my dad work harder and pushed him to do the best he could do. We became a family with everybody there and became very close since my dad had therapy every morning on the weekdays. My dad is now walking, driving, working and happy to be home with his 5 girls. I am so thankful for Montecito and all the people there who helped my family. I know my dad is more than thankful for everything Montecito helped him, and us overcome. Montecito will always have a very special place in each of our hearts.

Francelia R. and family
Francelia R.'s Father in Intensive Care
Francelia R.'s family