Celena O. Success

Montecito Success Story:

Celena O.

I was initially admitted to Montecito in February of 2017 after a toe amputation. I had a successful recovery and was able to discharge back home with my family. However, I had several complications with recurring infections and was readmitted to Montecito in 2018 and 2019. Every time I had the option to choose a skilled nursing facility, I chose Montecito because of all the kind and caring employees. In 2020, I was struggling with drug abuse and ended up having my first stroke. I also ended up being diagnosed with COVID. I was able to continue my rehab here but unfortunately had a second stroke while in the facility. After my second stroke, I became completely bed bound due to my weakness. My organs began to shut down and I have become dependent on dialysis. This rehab journey was longer than any of my previous due to being unable to get out of bed, stand, walk, or take care of myself. I am happy to say that I am finally graduating from therapy and able to discharge home after being here for 2 years. I want to thank all the therapists that I have worked with each time I was at Montecito and am so thankful you never gave up on me. I wanted to thank all the CNAs and nurses for always taking care of me. Thank you to Zack (PT), Kyle (PT), Taylor (COTA), Selina(RNA), Stephani (RNA), Lucy (RNA), Enrique (RNA), and Jay (assistant admin). I’ve made a lot of friends here that were patients and employees. I will miss you guys and I love you so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. Montecito has a lot of good people and I will forever be thankful.