Montecito Success Story:

David S.

My father was diagnosed with COVID on October 9, 2021. He had to be flown from Summit Hospital to KPC Promise Hospital for continued care. He was intubated for 19 days while in a coma before the doctors decided to perform a tracheostomy to have him on a long term ventilator support. He needed a feeding tube surgically placed in his stomach as he was not able to swallow. He lost all of his strength in all of his extremities, became bed bound and was completely dependent for all of his care during his time in the hospital. This was a life changing event as he was very active owning his own business while also being the Mayor of Taylor, Arizona.

When we arrived at Montecito, we were scared to death. We knew nothing about skilled nursing facilities. It was a very rocky start when we arrived and were determined to leave as soon as we could. Colt (unit nurse manager) helped address all of our concerns and turned things around completely. We’ve grown to love the staff and have been made to feel “at home!”.

In the two months that we have been at Montecito, my father has progressed so much that we feel he no longer needs to be at a “facility”. We are finally taking him home after 135 days of being in the hospital. We owe the process and progression to Kyle (PT), Carrly (OT), and Sara (SLP). Carrly and Sara were a pleasure to work with. They came in with great attitudes, smiles on their faces, and were fantastic at their jobs! Kyle went above and beyond the call of duty! He took a personal weekend to come in and work with my dad and family to help us get ready to discharge home. This was not something he “had” to do but actually wanted to do in order to help my dad. We greatly appreciate the personal interest the staff has put into caring for my father.

**Update** David is doing great! He is doing everything independently and is now walking wherever he wants without assistance or a walker. He is back to work full time and feeling great! He no longer requires supplemental oxygen and is continuing to exercise daily to improve his strength. We have enjoyed getting our life back and have been doing lots of traveling.