Kevin S. With Healthcare Workers

Montecito Success Story:

Kevin S.

I spent five and a half weeks at the hospital with three and a half spent in the ICU unconscious and intubated due to COVID. When I woke up, I could not walk and had no sense of balance. I was unable to function and became dizzy just sitting at the edge of the bed. Since my arrival at Montecito, I have been working intensively with Karen (COTA) and Zack (PT). I am pleased to say that after a little over three weeks of physical therapy, I am able to walk, have regained strength in my limbs and have my sense of balance back. The physical therapy staff here at Montecito have been great. I would like to thank them because, with their help, I am well on my way back to being at my pre-hospital condition and very happy to be back home!