Scott B. Smiling with Healthcare workers

Montecito Success Story:

Scott B.

I had a motorcycle accident March 12, 2022 on the highway and was admitted to Chandler Regional. I broke 6 ribs, punctured my lung and had severe intestinal damage. They had to do an emergency surgery and cut about 47 cm of damaged small intestine. During my surgery, I went into respiratory arrest and needed an emergency tracheostomy. I also had organ failure and needed dialysis. They put me in an induced coma for about 1 month to let my abdominal wound drain, with my abdomen being left open for 2 weeks to let it heal. I went to Select in Phoenix for continued medical treatment for about 2 months before transferring to Montecito. I have been at Montecito for about 3 months but have been away from my home for a total of 6 months since my accident. When I first got to Montecito, I was worried about being able to return to my normal life as I was unable to walk or even get out of bed. I worked with Brad (PTA) and Brittney (COTA) 5 times a week to improve my strength and overall mobility. They are great therapists, know how far to push you, and really involved me in my rehab plan. They were very friendly, funny, and encouraging. I have always been a hard worker and really pushed myself but am so thankful for how hard my therapists pushed me to get better. The respiratory therapists at this facility were great and really cared for me. They helped progress my respiratory status, transitioning me from being ventilator dependent, to wearing a speaking valve to eventually removing my trach. A lot of my nurses and CNAs were great, very helpful and kind. My unit manager, Jay, was very helpful and supportive. He was able to address my concerns in a timely manner. It was also nice that Montecito had an in-house dialysis center! The ladies working in there were so sweet and really cared about helping me. I have made significant improvements in my function and am now able to walk again and take care of myself. I am discharging home and able to get back to my life. Thank you, Montecito!