Tim B. Outside with Healthcare Workers
Tim B. on His Motorcycle

Montecito Success Story:

Tim B.

I was diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome on December 24, 2019. I was admitted from the hospital to Montecito Rehabilitation around February 2020. I was unable to walk, talk, or eat and was stuck in bed. My Respiratory, Physical, Occupational, and Speech teams began working with me immediately. Within the first month, I was walking the floor with a walker, eating ice chips, and speaking with a special speaking valve. Halfway through the second month, my PT, OT, and speech teams had me walking without any assistance, had me doing daily tasks such as getting dressed, and my speech team was preparing me for my swallow test so that I could have my feeding tube removed. These teams worked so well together and did such a great job encouraging me, but also equipping me to make it to the next stage of health and improvement. I would not be where I am today without them and their excellent care over me. I am now 5 months into my recovery from GBS and I can walk without any assistance, I’m riding an exercise bike 6 miles a day, and I am able to perform daily tasks that allow me to live without any assistance.

The RT, Nursing, PT, OT and Speech teams at Montecito helped me get my life back!