Carol K. Success

Montecito Success Story:

Carol K.

My husband called the ambulance after I started feeling extremely short of breath. The paramedics found my oxygen saturation to be in the 70s. I was admitted to the hospital December 23, 2020 where I was diagnosed with COVID-19. I was hoping for a quick recovery, but unfortunately end up getting worse. I was in the ICU at Goldfield Banner for 2 months. I was transferred to Allegiant Post Acute for 1 month to start therapy. However, I unfortunately caught COVID again and was in the hospital for another 3 months, alone, scared, and unable to see my husband or family. I was eventually transferred to Promise Hospital where I got to finally see my husband through the window. While I was at Promise, I had a heart attack, caught pneumonia, and had to start dialysis because my organs began shutting down. At that time, I needed to have a tracheostomy and became dependent on a ventilator to help me breath and needed a feeding tube for all my nutrition.
I was finally transferred to Montecito in April 2021. I was heavily sedated for most of April but finally came to and began doing therapy. I was completely dependent on the nursing staff to care for me all day/night and was unable to stand or walk. The Respiratory Therapy team finally was able to wean me off the ventilator in June where I could start breathing on my own. Jessica
(Speech Therapist) started working on my swallowing strength so that I could start eating and drinking again. Brad (PTA) and Stephanie (OTA) were my favorite team. They provided great education, challenging exercises, and showed me everything I needed to improve my function. I love that they pushed me and encouraged me even when I wanted to give up. I am thankful for their compassion and desire to help me get home. I finally got my trach out and was able to go home with my husband in July 2021. I’m now walking with my walker but still need a brace to help my drop foot that I got from Covid. I plan on keeping in touch with several employees here and know I’ve made lifelong friends.