Cecilia N. With Healthcare Workers

Montecito Success Story:

Cecilia N.

My name is Cecilia N. and on December 1, 2020, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia and was admitted to Desert Banner. Around the 19th of December, my left lung wasn’t recovering as quickly and my doctor told me they were going to put me on a ventilator. On December 22, I was transferred to Promise Hospital where I was in a medically induced coma for almost two months. My family was told to put my affairs in order because the doctors didn’t think I would make it. I thankfully woke up on January 23rd, but I still thought we were in December. I couldn’t talk and my arms and legs were very weak. I was scared that I would be on the ventilator the rest of my life.

In February, I was transferred to Montecito and was very nervous for this next chapter of rehab. The first week I had different assessments from speech, physical and occupational therapists. I then started doing 5 days a week of therapy. It was hard work at first, but soon I was progressing very well. My therapists Caitlin (PTA) and Erin (OT) were amazing and never let me be discouraged. The nurses, CNAs, and respiratory therapists were great, answered my questions and helped me when I needed help. Soon, I was standing up longer and was able to brush my hair and brush my teeth. Speech therapy discharged me from their care after I passed my swallow test and began to eat solid foods. I started to learn how to walk with a walker and braces on my legs from drop foot that I got from COVID.

My discharge date was finally set for May 5! They took my trach and feeding tube out a couple weeks before. PT kept working on my balance and walking while OT worked with me on putting on shoes and showering alone (supervised). Montecito was a great facility and the therapists were amazing. They worked with me to meet my goals and to get me home to my family. I’d like to thank Montecito for all they did for me. I’m home now and still have a little ways to go. I have a great support group here with my family and I am so thankful for their love throughout this journey. Everything that was originally set as my future as far as recovery, I have succeeded. Thank you for all you did and all you will continue to do. Keep that passion for your patients strong. Thank you Montecito!