Gene M. Fly Fishing

Montecito Success Story:

Gene M.

Before August 20, 2019 when Geno arrived at Montecito, we knew little to nothing about physical therapy. At the time Gene had been in ICU for 3 1⁄2 months, had pneumonia three times, was on a ventilator, had a feeding tube and was incoherent. Just a few weeks into his stay, a tall guy with a big friendly smile named Chris appeared. He was a physical therapist assistant there to begin range of motion exercises, which would prompt Geno to begin movement. Soon after, Gene got pneumonia again, which set the therapy back a bit but resumed as he progressed physically.
Then in early October, suddenly Gene awoke, he was back, only this time physically and mentally. Thus, a new round of physical therapy began led by another big physical therapist, Kyle. He truly is a Godsend.
His winning smile and natural abilities, along with his therapeutic expertise prompts all his patients to
want to do their best. Geno was no exception. Gene seemed to be physically stronger than any of us
expected for someone who had now been in bed 3 plus months, his progression was amazing, with all the accolades going to Kyle, Shanae and Stephanie. His daily workouts were the highlight of the day and Gene could hardly wait to see what they were going to accomplish next. He was soon standing, walking with a walker, then a cane. As Occupational Therapy probed into Gene’s hobbies or what he liked to do, they found out Gene fly fishes and it was then suggested he bring in a rod and practice, which of course we did as it provided a great workout for his arms and shoulders. Every day as we went into the courtyard, the practice rod accompanied him with everyone asking what he was catching.
Somewhere along this journey to recovery something else happened, you see, it wasn’t just the physical aspect that Kyle and his team exuded it also was the mental well-being. They all developed a friendship and that is what makes this department so exceptional. They go beyond your physical expectations and make you feel as though you truly matter to them.
Being in rehab is not something anyone relishes, but the attitude and nature of those who are providing the services can make all the difference in one’s healing.
Our sincere thanks and gratitude go out to Kyle and the entire Physical, Occupational, and Speech
Therapy Crew for providing the atmosphere for Geno’s pathway home. We are eternally grateful!

– Gene and Judy M.

Gene M. Driving
Gene M. Cutting Vegetables
Gene M. Holding Fish