Damian M. With His Family
Damian M. With Healthcare Workers

Montecito Success Story:

Damian M.

I went to the hospital in May 2020 for a persistent cough and fever which was diagnosed as COVID-19. While in the hospital, my symptoms became worse and I went into respiratory failure requiring intubation. I eventually needed a tracheostomy and was dependent on a ventilator to help me breathe and was getting all my food through a tube in my stomach. I don’t remember much, but according to my hospital notes, I was in a vegetative state for over 2 months and the doctors were not very hopeful for me to have a good recovery. Thankfully, I came out of my coma and was transferred to Montecito in July to start my rehab. On my first day, it took 3 people to sit me up on the edge of the bed because I was so weak. I am so thankful for the nurses and therapists at Montecito for taking care of me. Brad and Stephanie were my main therapists who pushed me daily to get stronger. Within 2 weeks, I was completely independent and no longer needed the ventilator. I want to thank everybody on the staff for taking care of me and making me feel happy to be alive and back home with my family.

I beat COVID thanks to the Montecito team! Thank you all!