Patrick Posing with Healthcare Workers

Montecito Success Story:

Patrick J.

My name is Patrick and I am 26 years old. I was a personal trainer who enjoyed working out, hanging out with friends and hiking. In December of 2020, I had an asthma attack that ended up causing me to stop breathing and made my heart stop beating. I required several rounds of CPR to revive me and was in the ICU for about 2 weeks in a coma. I was diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury due to the amount of time I stopped breathing which made me blind and lose all of my function. The doctors at the hospital gave me a poor prognosis to live, let alone wake up from my coma. I had a feeding tube placed in my stomach and was dependent on a ventilator to help me breathe.

I was eventually transferred to Montecito, where I was still in a coma for another 3 months. Once I started to wake up, the nurses, respiratory, speech, occupational and physical therapists all helped progress me to where I am today. I was at Montecito for a total of 6 months and am now able to eat, breathing on my own, and able to get out of bed and walk with some help. Victor (PTA) and DeNell (OT) have helped me get strong enough to where I am able to transfer to an acute rehab for more therapy.

I appreciate everybody and wanted to thank ALL of Montecito for helping me with my recovery.

UPDATE: I have been home since July 27, 2021. My insurance denied me from going to acute rehab so I ended up going home with my mom. Over the past 6 months, my vision in my right eye has improved significantly and hoping my right eye will return too. My function has continued to improve to where I have been able to go back to my job at the gym I worked at before my injury. I am motivated to continue to get stronger and back to my normal life. Thanks again Montecito!