Miriam B. Success

Montecito Success Story:

Miriam B.

I have been a long term care resident at Montecito for the past 3 years. At 41 years old, my body decided not to breathe anymore. I was in the ICU with many tubes and in an induced coma when I was proclaimed the worst case in the hospital. My doctors initially had my family come visit me to say their goodbyes before trying a life saving surgery. I remember waking up on a ventilator, always thirsty, hungry and being angry that I could not sing…my true passion. I was transferred to Montecito in 2019. I was unable to get out of bed, stand, walk or do any basic things for myself due to being so weak.

I loved everybody at Montecito but especially loved therapy. It was my only get away where I was challenged daily. In November 2019, I was able to stand for the very first time from the help of two PTs, TJ and Kyle, who were strong physically and emotionally for me in my beginning rehab journey. On November 18, 2019, my husband Peter passed away just after seeing a video of me standing on my own for one of the first times since August 2018. I like to think he was happy at the end, and I know he is still cheering me on. Everybody at Montecito gathered around me physically and emotionally during that time, which I will always be grateful for.

I am now 43 years old in 2021. I have gone through all my firsts of missing my husband, not being able to see my family because of COVID-19, as well as surviving COVID myself. I especially wanted to thank Brad, Stephanie, Taylor, Ann, Kyle, TJ, and Brittany for all of their love and support in therapy. I am now strong enough to go home and get back to my life after thinking I would be living at Montecito for the rest of my life. I also wanted to thank nursing, respiratory, and activities for caring for me for the past 3 years.